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ali is my problematic fav

sugardaddydotcom said: THAT GIF IS SO HQ HOW

RLLLLYYY??? i thought it was one of my lower quality gifs as of recently i did an ody one that is crystal clear I CHANGED MY GIF STYLE A LOT so they’re so much better now

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Anonymous said: why do u like one direction


u make it sound like i had a choice

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Anonymous said: Lady lightning 2014?

just posted it :-)

ICE Lady Lightning The Majors 2014 (x)"I will hit you just like lightning…"requested by anonymous

ICE Lady Lightning The Majors 2014 (x)
"I will hit you just like lightning…"
requested by anonymous

Anonymous said: i had a dream the other night that my ex boyfriend was having a party and i was gonna hook up w him and he was sitting next to me and all of a sudden maddie gardner came out of nowhere and gave him a blow job RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and i was like "k bitch bye" then she asked me to have a threesome and i was like "sorry i only have threesomes with flyers who actually hit their specialty stunts at worlds" NO LIE THIS WAS MY DREAM AND IT WAS GR8

ur mind is wildt

R.I.P-A Masterpost of Harry Suffering on a Pier


happier times, when he was allowed to wear his warm ikea monkey clothing


unfortunately, after the ushanka came off, and that’s when tragedy struck

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